Holistic Wellness Consultation

  • Discuss your current circumstances and objectives.

  • Receive intuitive, insightful information about your life and your Self.

  • Receive practical guidance that you can easily implement to achieve your desired outcomes.

  • Experience a unique guided meditation especially for you to support your process at this time.


practical advice, intuition, breathwork, meditation, nutrition, cleansing, energy clearing

Initial Consultation

  • Helps determine whether you could benefit from Holistic Counseling with me.
  • We both ask questions and you talk about yourself and your life.
  • If I will be able to assist you, I can intuitively envision a more fulfilled version of your life.
  • Paid consultations are also sample sessions that conclude with a guided meditation. 
  • You decide whether to continue with a Holistic Counseling Program.

Holistic Wellness Programs

Customized Holistic Wellness Programs guide you into a more fulfilled version of your life that is based on your own desires. In subsequent sessions I give you practical, simple tools to help you release obstacles, restore balance and strengthen your innate abilities to move into a greater level of thriving and well-being. The process I use is very self-empowering and requires your own commitment and dedication to yourself. You will feel better after our sessions. But by diligently practicing your meditations and assignments between sessions, YOU create true emotional healing and enhanced overall well-being that lasts! You get to enjoy new heights of joy, peace, fulfillment and lasting positive change in your life! This process allows you to experience wholeness in every aspect of your Being.

~ emotional healing ~ energy rejuvenation ~ relationship harmony ~ total balance ~

Holistic Wellness

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What do you want to manifest in your life?

Manifestation Mastery Sessions

​Love?  Financial freedom? Peace?

More harmony in your relationships?

More time for yourself ?  Better health?

Over the last 8 years, my clients have used our work together to empower them to move through challenging transitions or simply to level up to a more joyful, more fulfilling experience of their own lives.

I invite you to schedule a special 2-hour session to identify and clear what is delaying or blocking your manifestations. Learn special, powerful techniques that I have used for over 16 years to help you clarify your intention, remove blocks to manifestation and welcome in the manifestation of your desires.

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Are you ready to be...  

whole?  grounded?  powerful?  peaceful?   
Experience my proven methods to achieve lasting

emotional healing and true personal empowerment!
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